The LEVEL-PRO system was designed with over 25 years of inventive level gauge manufacturing experience.  This latest "Best in Industry" liquid level gauge combines vast instrumentation design experience with highly accurate technology to produce an advanced yet simple gauging system.  Installation, reliability and accuracy goes unmatched and spawned the evolution of our LP Wireless Gauge Systems. Further development and client input allowed us to release our latest product the LP-WTC featured below.  Contact Quest Measurement for your next Wired or Wireless tank gauging product requirements.  


The durable and dependable design of the LEVEL-PRO entrusts proven positive contact (316 SS float) with the fluid for accuracy and reliability.  Patented measurement technology closely monitors movement of the float to produce highly accurate readings. 

The coil tubing design of the system ensures simple shipping and easy installation.  Rigid models are available for specific mobile tank applications and pressurized vessels.  Installation can be completed while the tank is in service typically without any modifications to the tank.  Wired or Wireless LP transmitters are available offering clients the flexibility to choose what works best for their location.


New for 2019 - Eliminate costly hazardous location wiring, cable trays or trenching on new or existing sites!  Introducing the latest evolution to our Wireless Gauge series.....


Rugged, Accurate, Reliable and backed by a two year manufacturer's warranty.  Strive for the Best, contact Quest!