Quest Data Inc offers instrumentation solutions with unparalleled results.  The Quest Data simplex satellite communication system has spawned a multitude of diverse applications, intelligent products and integrated instrumentation solutions.  The satellite communication MESSENGER is a flagship product of the Quest Group and is reflected, integrated and represented in company logos, featured products and service solutions.  Distribution, Private Label and Integration opportunities continue to fuel the growing demand and evolving applications.  Please scroll below to find details on  just a few of our featured products from Quest Data.

 The MESSENGER 1100 is an industry leading communication system designed to transmit instrumentation readings and alerts.  Utilizing Simplex Satellite communication the Messenger can be used in a diverse range of applications and price sensitive markets.  The MESSENGER operates with very low monthly communication rates to transfer site Instrument Data, Event and Alarm Notifications while also allowing for web based Data Logging and Management. 

Each site message includes the Site Name, Alarm Description, Date & Time stamp along with four Analog or Modbus values.  Data Management Service (DMS) includes Secure web based Data login and remote Data Routing.  Data Routing is instantaneously directed to numerous specified users via SMS text messaging and emails.  Descriptive alarm notifications are routed direct to designated field personnel and Alarm Call Centers.

From Daily Inventory Management to Mission Critical Job information; High Alarm Spill Prevention to Offshore Safety Alerts; No matter what the application..... Keep your Team informed with the MESSENGER.

MESSENGER Benefits & Features:

          Simple, Reliable and Exremely Cost Effective
         Converts Instrument Data to message Information Data
          Collects and Transmits critical local or remote site data
          Economically and Efficiently Manages Data
          Multiple Alarm options / Set-points
          Custom Designed Internal Battery Power Option - up to 5 year run life
          Magnetic Mount units for specific equipment and rentals
 6-12 VDC input requirement for supplied power sites
          Solar and External Battery power Options
          Nema 4X or Class 1 Div 1 Ex-Proof Housing Options
          Rugged -40 C to +70 C Rating
          Dependable LEO Satellite Communication
          Internal Antenna for simple installation and setup
          Eight input channels:

                        Read (4) 0-5vdc OR four Modbus registers

                        Read (4) discrete event driven (dry contacts)

          On-board system health checks and alerts
          Industry leading Web based remote monitoring
          Very low Data Communication Rates



The Quest RECTIFIER BUDDY was driven by client demand to compliment Cathodic Protection and add value to the pipeline integrity system.  Remote data monitoring and message reporting through simplex satellite communication saves time and money knowing Cathodic Protection equipment is effectively functioning, monitored and managed.


      Transmits rectifier voltage and amperage at schedules intervals
       Transmits cathodic rectifier health checks at user programmable intervals
      Transmits AC power notification during AC power outages and during restoration
Transmits DC power notification during DC power loss for backup reports/alarms
Transmits notifications if DC voltage or amperage threshold levels are exceeded
      Logs all rectifier data to a secure web site for data retrieval and site review